Jason Hoyt's CIS-1430 Home Page

My name is Jason Hoyt. I have several web-sites. My personal web-site is at Hoytlink. My work related web-site is at JasonHoyt.com (<-New and improved. Now with stylesheet) If you wish to e-mail me you can do it at: hoytlink@gmail.com. Or you can e-mail me at 'jason at hoytlink dot com' (You'll understand if I don't create a link that the bots can read.)

I do industrial automation for a living. I specialize in water & waste-water facilities. My wife is Monica. She works at Center Utah Water Conservancy District. My wife and I meet when I was automating the water treatment plant she works at. I have two kids; Ashlee & Taylor. If you would like to see photos of my family, feel free to visit the Photos section.

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