The Little Blue Cookbook


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These recipes first appeared in "Our Friends & Neighbors Cook Book" published by the Kemmerer Ward Relief Society in 19??.

Oh God, please kiss the universe
with everlasting peace
a kind of warm and tender calm
with joys that never cease
instill within the hearts of men
the uselessness of war
I beg You take us by the hand
and lead us evermore
show unto us the righteous way
where happy days abound
for we are truly lost and we
are seeking to be found.

And let us live this life on earth
without war's haunting fears
beyond the strife and suffering
free from the bitter tears
and most of all give each of us
and inward holy glow
and in this way the world will feel
the kiss of peace I know.

Over time our family simply called it "The Little Blue Cookbook".
(Due to it being little and the cover blue.)

A few hand written recipes that were in the book have also been added.


I am working on another version of this cookbook to make it easier to lookup and print single recipes.